Because Mendoza is not only wine (but almost)

Even in Argentina, when someone refers to the City of Mendoza, it is almost automatically related to the world of wine. Mendoza, the eighth wine capital of the world: a true land of vineyards, high peaks and spectacular Malbec.

But of course, no city can be reduced to just one aspect of its culture. Therefore, in this note we will do a brief review of some of the wonders that Mendoza has to offer beyond the vineyards.

1. Aconcagua Park
The area is home to Cerro Aconcagua, which at 6,962 meters is positioned as the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere and, therefore, in America. The park not only stands out for this hill, but it is an area of ​​great archaeological value due to its character as a ceremonial site of the Incas. This park is part of the road system and known as ‘Qhapac Ñan’ or ‘Inca Trail’, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

2. Puente del Inca
Located 183 kilometers from the City of Mendoza, very close to the Chilean pass and also to the main entrance to Aconcagua Park, is this natural wonder that is also part of the ‘Qhapac Ñan’ or ‘Inca Trail’. The so-called Puente is a rock formation that forms a natural bridge over the Las Cuevas River. Its name is due to the fact that historians assure that the Inca royalty descended to the river to receive the medical and healing powers of the hot springs in the area.

3. General San Martín Park
It is considered the green lung of the City of Mendoza. It was created in 1896 and is the largest artificial park in South America with its 400 hectares of trees that manage to stay alive in the middle of the Mendoza desert thanks to a complex system of irrigation canals. The park, as the people of Mendoza call it, attracts thousands of tourists every year and is definitely a must visit in our City.

With exemplary landscaping and architecture combining the best of each period, this park boasts a series of postcard-worthy monuments, fountains and man-made attractions.

4. Gastronomic circuit
And of course … when talking about tourism in Mendoza it is impossible not to mention the gastronomic options that attract so much experts in this world. In the City there are three restaurants that have been awarded with Michelin stars, among which the following stand out: Casa Vigil, Espacio Trapiche and Ruca Malén. Is it a coincidence that they are all restaurants from Mendoza wineries? Our opinion at Driver in Mendoza may sound a bit arbitrary, but we are lovers of the world of wine and we believe that there is no better combination than a gourmet experience paired with a good Mendoza wine and that is why, in our private wine tours through Mendoza, the opportunity will never be missing. to make a toast to our land and the flavors it generates.